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A great webcast is so much more than just delivering audio and video. That’s why we created MAVLive, a complete webcast solution backed by massAV’s expert production and technical team. The service integrates your existing live event and video production communication with leading digital technology and mobile, social media, and cloud communications for a seamless and easy-to-use solution.

MAVLive Webcast Solution

Make Your Next Business Webcast Stable & Secure

We Are Not Just Another Webcasting Company

massAV provides an experienced production team, webcast experts, and expertise with cameras, lighting, audio, and video elements. All together, what we deliver is a world-class suite of digital services that offers security, accessibility, stability, interactivity, and intuitive usage.

And it’s all wrapped in a branded experience and supported by a company that businesses and institutions trust to produce its events.

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Your remote audience can be one of the highest-performing groups for your organization. Ensuring a seamless, comprehensive experience anywhere and on any device is a key way to promote your company’s success in this arena.

Not every webcast service on the market is up to the task. Countless other tools work well enough for small events and webinars but are not strong enough solutions for major internal and external events, and too many involve your IT team trying to make a platform do something it was never intended to do.

There is no event too big for MAVLive. We provide the platform for your webcast, making it easy to analyze performance and interact with your audience through moderated chats, custom Q&A forms, and polling.

Contact the MAVLive team to schedule a demo. We hope to collaborate with you soon on a digital transformation for your business and your business webcasting needs.

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MAVLive™ Delivers:

  • Global Content Delivery Networks
  • Broadcast Quality Live Streaming
  • 4G Bonded Hardware Encoders
  • Custom Landing Page
  • Custom HTML 5 Player
  • Apple HLS or Adobe HDS Playback
  • Live Closed Captioning
  • Post Event Transcription Service
  • Wireless Streaming Options
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • Desktop, Mobile & Tablet Support
  • Custom Picture-in-Picture Look
  • Lower Thirds & Custom Branding
  • Live DVR Functionality
  • Venue to Venue Video Conferencing
  • Cache Server Options
  • Support for Remote Participants
  • Password Protection & Email Verification
  • Custom Q&A Forms
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media Live Streaming
  • Ultra Low Latency Options
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Simulcasting to Internal Platforms

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